Service center GSMhelp produces post-warranty repair of tablets of all manufacturers,
including repair of Chinese tablets, namely: Acer, Apple, Assistant, Asus, Cube, Dell, Freelander, Globex,
Goclever, HP, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, Prestigio, Samsung, Sony, UniPad and others.
When receiving the device for repair, we will be very useful information on,
how the fault occurred. This will help to quickly determine the cause of failure and, accordingly, to make repairs faster.
There are cases when the tablet that brought us to repair, already tried to open or repair in another service
center. In this case, we also need full information about such actions, as very often
it is necessary in addition to the main malfunction, to correct breakages which are made by Amateurs at dismantling or repair of the device.
Tablet repair takes from several hours to several days. In special cases, if the components must be ordered
for foreign manufacturers, the repair time can last up to several weeks. But it is worth noting that such cases are quite rare.